Stories are what good content is made of. The best part? Stories don’t just entertain and inspire. Stories sell stuff.

At ZEV Media we recognize that simply blasting out one-way advertisements asking your audience to do something without providing the audience any value in exchange simply doesn’t work anymore in our busy, distracted world. We help our clients create content that educates, inspires, entertains through writing, video, audio, and images.

It is easier and cheaper to create content at scale than ever before, but the attention of your target audience is divided between a plethora of platforms and devices. Therefore, we recommend our clients adopt a “media company mindset,” envisioning themselves as a media company in addition to whatever product or service they provide. That’s where we come in and function as your marketing department (or assistant to your in-house marketing team) to help you create media that will captivate your clients and customers and make them want more.

Content is important, but context is crucial. We tailor our content to respect the subtle nuances of each platform so that it will have a native feel to it and corresponds to the needs of the audience and matches them to goal of the brand. ZEV Media creates content that reaches the audience at all levels of the buyer cycle, guiding them down the funnel from awareness to consideration to purchase.