Understanding how to communicate what your brand is all about and tell your story in a way that respects the subtle nuances of each platform is an integral part of social media success.

Content creation isn’t enough. You can create the best blog post, the dopest meme, or the coolest video, but if no one sees it, then it doesn’t exist. That’s why you need to learn how to hack distribution channels to ensure your content gets viewed, engaged with, and disseminated as widely as possible. Distribution has been democratized. It is now cheaper and easier than ever before to get in front of an audience. The traditional gatekeepers that used to keep you from gaining exposure and access to the marketplace — radio stations, TV channels, magazine editors — no longer have a monopoly over what we consume. The Internet is the now the intermediary and brands can go direct to consumer.

However, social media is more than a distribution channel or a content pusher. Too many brands are only using social media to broadcast sales messages or push out content — even good content, and are thereby not utilizing social platforms to their full potential. It’s time to put the word “social” back into social media. Social media is a fantastic branding channel where you can showcase your brand’s personality and communicate directly with your audience — prospects, leads, and customers.

Social can help you sell, handle customer service issues, and keep in touch with clients and customers, ensuring that you remain at the top of their feed and their radar. That is why it is crucial for businesses today to have a thorough understanding of the social media platforms that have consumer attention and where an increasing number of their audience is spending more of their time.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Social media is free to use, but that doesn’t mean that social media marketing is free. These days, to remain relevant and succeed in an increasingly competitive digital, social world, social media marketing demands a greater share of time, perseverance, and advertising budget allocation than ever before.

As organic reach declines with each passing year and social platforms alter their algorithms to reward advertisers, it’s becoming increasingly important to utilize paid mediums in your social media strategy. The good news is that most of these tactics are grossly underpriced with potentially huge windfall returns. Here are a few ways we help you do that:

Influencer Marketing

You can say you’re great and I might believe you. When somebody I already know and trust says you’re great, now you have my attention. Human beings tend to trust the recommendations of friends and influencers over advertisements. Social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others have the users. However, it’s the influencers creating content on those platforms with significant, engaged audiences that have the most valuable share of the attention.

Influencer marketing is the most recent manifestation of PR or the celebrity endorsement. By partnering with relevant influencers you can siphon attention from their audience to your brand. We help you find, pitch, and negotiate deals with influencers who align with your brand, attract meaningful levels of engagement from their audiences, and hold sway over their purchase decisions.

Paid Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most underpriced forms of getting attention in the marketplace today. Working within your budget, we handle the entire setup and optimization of your Facebook and Instagram ads. Testing different creative and custom audiences, we align your message with your target market to achieve your campaign goals and maximum ROI.